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Planning your Wedding day


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The biggest thing that most people planning their wedding day lose sight of is that it is your day! It’s easily done with family and friends adding their input so this post isn’t the normal break down of all the things you need to do to ensure everyone has a good time as I’m sure you’ve seen a far few of them and have the numerous check lists already under your belt. This is a post of all the things you as a couple and individually should make time for so that you get the most out of your day and the journey running up to your day!


1. Plan in some time to get some photos done professionally or just some fun personal shots that you do together…a selfie stick might be required! All you need to do is pick a spot you both love as a great back drop. It could be a national park, an old beautiful building or maybe somewhere you’ve both got fond memories of so not only do you get to plan a nice day out with the future hubby but also book yourself in for a haircut before hand as a treat or finally get that outfit you’ve been eyeing up!


2. Don’t leave booking your honeymoon and packing for your honeymoon until the last minute! After all your hard work organising for your big day this is the time you will want to just relax and enjoy your new married life together and having done all your packing and planning well in advance might seem a little too well organised but you will thank yourself in the long run.


3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Organising a mini team of helpers to delegate jobs to for the wedding day will not only make them feel more involved but it will give you a sense of support. So if you’ve got a friend who loves to command an audience use that skill set, or if you’ve got a creative friend who you can trust to do some of the finishing touches get them to help. The key is to try to make sure you have as little to do as possible as there will always be plenty to do so the more time you can free up the better.


4. Plan in your time to relax. Make sure you make time for yourself to be fully charged for your big day. Also make sure you have a realistic time frame for a nice long bath and all your pampering and prepping for getting ready the following day. We recommend booking a massage as it is a lovely way to unwind as it is great for the body and mind giving you a sense of calm before the excitement of your wedding day. Also make time to ensure you have all your essentials for the day ready to go so you don’t have the shock of realising you’ve forgotten your lingerie! Get your outfit out ready with all your accessories, bindis, bangles, handbag, key handbag items, lingerie, shoes etc… so you can go to bed feeling ready.


5. Finally make time to soak it all in on your big day! The day will fly by without you realising so make sure you take time as a couple to take some time out and celebrate just the two of you becoming married and enjoy seeing all your friends and family around you on your big day!


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