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Get Your 5 A Day


So we get told all the time to get our five a day of fruit and vegetables and I have to say we agree it’s a good mentality to ensure you’re giving your body what it needs!

However there is definitely more to life than vegetables and we think these five things are good for the soul!

So lets see if you think some of these need a bit more of your attention!

1. Making time for enjoying the fun things in life, it might be a date night with your partner even if it is as simple as organising a lovely meal at home with some bubbly and a film, planing a day trip out with the family and having a picnic, or going for a run or anything that makes you smile.

lime fruit

2.Challenging yourself to learn something new is always key to keep them brain cells active and give you a break from the working world. They say there is always more to learn and it doesn’t stop when you leave school so why not join a creative class or take up a new sport or start a new hobby!

Pineapple Fruit in hand

3.Planning time to chip away at them rainy day jobs that never get done in small stages, it might be your wedding photos need sorting out and putting into frames or finishing off your memory box for your little one or even as simple as re-organising your wardrobe. Whichever it might be make a list of the key stages and then do each stage one at a time when you get that spare moment to give you a sense of achievement. After all, the overflowing inbox of emails, or pile of washing are always going to be there so at least this job will get done and you can enjoy the benefits.

two cherries in a hand

4. Pamper time just for you, it may seem a little selfish to some but this is a must as looking after yourself is the key to be able to look after your loved ones to the best you can as if you are feeling at 100% you will have more energy to do the jobs required and you will feel happier doing it when you’ve had that time to rest. So whether it’s a bath, having a massage or simply just sitting back and watching a film make sure you make time for it!

Oranges and bangles

5. Treating yourself to reward all that hard work! It might be as small as buying some bindis ; ) online or getting that handbag you’ve been eyeing up or booking that spa day! Life’s too short to not reward yourself..

Bananas and bangles

And you know deep down you do deserve it!


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